The Golden Rule of training:

The primary goal of training is to stay injury free so you can continue training


Day to day training I post on Dailymile. On this page I'm intending to add a macro training log with monthly & yearly mileage.

June 2014

Run streak!
168 miles and 752 miles for the first 6 months of 2014.

I ran every day this month and also managed to fit in a marathon. It was a bit of a pain at times - more just finding the time every day. I kept the pace fairly easy so I didn't feel like couldn't keep going at any point.

May 2014

136 miles for the month.

An month disrupted by the NDW 50 right in the middle. Though I have to say it was very easy to taper!






April 2014

A leisurely 91 miles for month and 20 miles down on April last year.
Obviously there was the Paris marathon, but I have been a little lazy.

March 2014

126 miles. Definitely a leisurely start to Q1 of 2014! 357 miles year to date.

Fortunately I have a few decent long runs bagged. If I was feeling kind I would call the last week of March the start of the taper for Paris..

February 2014

A down and out 106 miles for Feb. Caught mid training plan for Paris and maybe a touch of the winter blues.

I managed a long run plus a split long run day with a run of 6 at lunch then 12 in the evening..

January 2014

125 miles for January. Not too bad a start to the year with some consistent weeks. Not sure what happened mid month though! Think we may have had a trip to Devon to see the family.

Longer thursday night treadmill runs have re-started.

December 13

A merry 96 miles for december. Yes, that time of the year when 'social functions' beckon and errands have to be run. I also admit to feeling a bit lazy..

Still, managed to slip in a nice run on Boxing day so can't be too bad.

November 13

A tidy 193 miles for the month. A new record in fact. And just a tantalising hour away from the magic 200 miles. I'm not quite sure why it's magic but I feel it must be.
It would be nice to see that grid with every box red except for Friday. Mmm...

The little white triangles indicate more than one session for that day. In fact I have been testing out the practicality of a lunch time run followed by an evening treadmill session. Seems to work.

October 13

Marathon month! So that included taper and some 'recovery'/eating chocolate. 118 miles in total. I was a little unwell at the start of the month so that also ensured I wasn't overdoing it. 

September 13

179 miles in September! A new record. Not too surprising given the months position in the tail end of the programme for Amsterdam. Pleasing none the less.

September also included 2 half marathon races, each of which was a new PB, the second knocking 5 minutes off the PB from the start of the month.

August 13

I ran 151 miles in August. There are actually more grey squares than last month but the fact that I got in 3 long runs has pulled up the overall mileage.

Grey squares I'm blaming on a 2 week holiday! It's also been a hot month and the holiday included a lot of hot running.

And August includes a 50 mile week, possibly my first ever, certainly my first this year.

July 13

So, 143 miles for July. I can see there are a few more grey squares on this tile than last month. Grey tiles are the enemy of consistency! In my defence the heat has been crippling with temperatures at over 30C some days over the last 2 weeks. I'm most concerned that I missed a long run of 12 miles. Still, it's not a disaster and I did get some good runs in. Including a new PB in a 10k race!

June 13

169 miles in June. 29 miles more than last month and the most mileage I've ever run in a month. And simply from nice and consistent running 6 days a week and a couple of longer runs. My long runs are up to about 13 miles (the 19 miles on the 6th were a lunch 6 and evening 13). The last week of June was a bit disrupted with a 5k race on the Thursday.
I expect my mileage to stay around this level or below as I settle into the training plan for Amsterdam.

May 13

A total of 140 miles for May, which compares to 111 in April. I'm pretty pleased with that as it's nice and consistent which is the mantra right now. I can see that since 2009 there's only been 1 month where I've run more miles which was Nov 2011 at 146.
May has also seen my first race since last year and also my longest run for a while (a paltry 11.6 miles, ha ha).

April 13

111 miles for April