About Running

I wasn't sporty at school and it's fair to say that I took to running slowly. In fact it's hard to remember how or why I took up running in the first place. It just seems to have sneaked up on me. Just like my middle age.

I do recall running around the block in Birmingham where I used to live in the mid 90s. Which took about 10 minutes. I was pleased with that. I probably even bragged about my running in the pub.

Then I moved to London at the end of 1999. That's when I started to do more running. I can't remember why. Maybe there was some hidden dream to run the marathon. So, I started to do laps of the local dock. Soon I could run for a whole hour.

My first race was the Breakfast run in Kingston in 2001. I did the 8 miles version. I still have the mug. It's useful for tea and other warm drinks.

In the intervening years I entered the lottery for a place in the London marathon 5 times. In fact I was convinced I'd get a place on the 5th attempt as the rules said so. I didn't. Turns out you need to have applied 5 consecutive years before being granted a guaranteed place. Ooops, I'd missed a year...

Well a friend had had enough of this faffing so he ordered me to take a charity place and in 2007 I ran my first marathon with him. No doubt I swore I'd never do another but after London I just seemed to do more and more, albeit in fits and bursts.

About this Blog

I kind of just had a vague idea about collating all of my running in one place - race results, race reports, training & maybe some photos. Both for my benefit and also to swap experiences with anyone interested.

And maybe to flesh out some running ambitions, make them more real by writing them down and chart my progress towards them. We'll see how that goes.

About Me

I'm 42, married with 2 daughters, live in London and work in IT.
I'm 6'2 (188cm) and around 92kg (82kg) which, in imperial if I ask Google, was 'middle age spread'.