2.5 hour Treadmill & Timelapse

The half term holiday turned out to be a poor in terms of running and (I'm ashamed to say) I missed my 'sacrosanct' long run. Okay, I shall forgive myself this once. So this week I was determined to ensure I fitted in my 15 miles. Though due to various other family members commitments I would have to complete it on the treadmill rather than along the river somewhere. To be honest, given it was 5C, dark and I could watch a movie, I wasn't overly disturbed by this 'sacrifice'.

As per the last long treadmill run 2 weeks before, I warmed up for 2 miles then set the pace to around 9:30min/mile which by about mile 6 stabilised at 9:15 as measured by the garmin footpod. I reached 12 miles in 1h54 which compares to 1h52 last time.  In the last long treadmill run (12 miles) I increased the pace for the last few miles to 9m/mile.
Tonight though I just wanted it to end by mile 12. I'd drunk both my 750ml bottles dry and was feeling wasted. I'd also skipped lunch which was a really bad idea. However due to my slacking last week I was determined to see it through. The only way I could convince myself to do this though was by slowing down so the pace went to 10:30 for the last few miles.

And so it ended. 15.00 miles in 2h25 - yep my finger was hovering over that stop button. I staggered back into the house and collapsed, dripping onto a kitchen barstool. The problem now was that I felt like being sick. Anyway, I wasn't, but the feeling persisted for about half an hour. Eventually I managed to eat some pasta.

Today: 15 miles, 2h25, 9:37 pace, 150 HR
previous: 12 miles, 1h51, 9:16 pace, 154 HR

I also thought I'd give my new gopro a whizz and hastily set it up to take a time lapse video (10 second intervals). I love the way the bottle spins round, the poster falls off the wall and spot the daughter on the rower. I think the battery died after about 2 hours.

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