I was dreading the long run all day, my longest so far for a while at 15 miles. Perhaps because I so was feeling tired as for some reason I didn't sleep well the night before. Perhaps because it was cold. Perhaps because my pokemon go plus had been broken by the Halloween update. Perhaps because I'm a wimp.

It was Wednesday as I'd had to move it forward because of half term childcare duties and I didn't want an excuse to skip the long run. Ha ha.

As the time approached I weighed up the options. Skip it. Do it. Do a different route down river. In the end I decided on a compromise, I'd do it on the treadmill and watch a film. So I filled 2 bottles (cementing my long intentions), took 3 gels from the back of the cupboard just in case (expiry dates 2014 I noted - should be fine, right?) and headed out back.

Fan on, film selected from Amazon on my tablet, I fired up the treadmill at the usual 1% and 6mph which should be 10min/mile but as usual my footpod was telling me it was 10:30 so I tweaked it up a little to warm up at 10.

It felt hard, time was passing slowly. After the first 2 miles or 20 minutes, I flicked up the pace slightly to 9:30 as I didn't want to get used to training too slowly over winter. At 3 miles I told myself I was just half way to Tower Bridge and I might as well carry on. At 6 miles I thought, right time to turn back and head home. I wasn't sure how much longer I could continue, I really wanted to stop. After 9 miles, my footpod pace was up to 9:15/mile as there seems to be quite a drift on the treadmill as it warms up. I wanted to stop, but made a pact with myself to continue to the end of the film and log 12 miles. In for a penny, in for a pound, I decided to finish strong and upped the pace to 9min/mile for mile 10. Miles 11 & 12 were nearer 8:54 as the treadmill continued to speed up..

Finally the film finished and I'd logged 12 miles in 1h52. I was dripping in sweat, I'd nearly emptied both my bottles - not on me, but you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if I had. I hadn't felt like trying the gels. I'll have to work out a way to work them into my training runs. Or see if I can just not bother with them as I always have them in a marathon race and always end up feeling bloated and slow etc..

My legs are now feeling pretty sore, especially the calves - the treadmill is quite relentless. So 12 miles, not 15, however the pace wasn't lazy and it was at least a long run and not a short run!

In the garmin chart, you can see the drift in pace as well as the HR drift which you'd probably expect to be there anyway. The final few miles were probably pushing it to my lactate threshold which means I have plenty of work to do!

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