Plans for the Paris Marathon

According to my new spreadsheet (naturally, I have one) there are 25 weeks to go until Paris! That's nearly half a year. 6 months. Sounds like a long time, right? Plenty of time, no need to rush, huh? Well, I'm not taking any chances while my motivation is high. I can see from my previous training plans that most are 12 weeks long. On reflection, the problem for me is that the long runs are stacked all at the end and you don't really get to do many. I know from the 9 or so marathons I've done that I tend to die in the last few miles. I'd really quite like to finish strong for once. And not shuffle along at 13/14 minute mile pace...

Fortunately I have a reasonable fitness base right now (otherwise to be honest I wouldn't even be contemplating this, 6 months or not!) so I'm planning to get some decent long runs in. In fact I'm just going to plan everything around these long runs. I'm pretty sure that if I focus on them, other runs will just slot into place. To make it easier, I'm designating Thursday evenings as long run 'day'. With 2 young kids, I find it too much of a wrench these days to disappear for hours on a Sunday morning. Running Thursday nights won't feel like a sacrifice so I'm minimising the chance for excuses to not run.
So, not counting last weeks 12 mile tester, my Thursdays are looking roughly like the table below. That'll give me 5 runs of 24 miles. Of course, I'll need to be flexible and see how it goes, best laid plans and all but it's a stick in the sand to focus the mind. I'll also fine tune the plan for more specific sessions in the latter weeks.

I'll be looking over past races and plans soon and try to pick out some lessons to learn this time round.

WeekWeek #Miles
17 Oct 2016112
24 Oct 2016215
31 Oct 2016315
7 Nov 2016412
14 Nov 2016518
21 Nov 2016618
28 Nov 2016718
5 Dec 2016812
12 Dec 2016921
19 Dec 20161021
26 Dec 20161112
2 Jan 20171212
9 Jan 20171312
16 Jan 20171424
23 Jan 20171524
30 Jan 20171621
6 Feb 20171715
13 Feb 20171824
20 Feb 20171924
27 Feb 20172024
6 Mar 20172115
13 Mar 2017227
20 Mar 2017238
27 Mar 20172410
3 Apr 2017258

Some more pictures from the weekend run.

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