Another Tower Bridge Loop

It was hard heading out of Greenwich around 6pm last Thursday. My legs felt heavy and my body felt tired. I wasn't really sure why. And I knew with each step I was heading further away from home. Still, I consciously dismissed any thoughts of not continuing as it would be rather pathetic to be defeated by just the second "long" run of a marathon program! Fortunately as is usually the case, things perked up after a few miles and after about an hour I was picking my way through the pedestrians crossing the half closed Tower Bridge.
As my new mantra is to finish strong, I decided to pick up the pace for the return. The first half was run at around 10-10:30 min/mile and the second half about 9-9:30 with mile 11 at 8:47. The overall time was slightly quicker for the second half though there's the foot tunnel which involves stairs & a bit of walking so not a massively faster split on paper. In any case, I was running faster not slower towards the end so it will be good to try and maintain this. We'll see how how long it lasts! Upping to 15 miles this Thursday..

So in the end, a very satisfying run.

One small concern that needs ironing out is that I've been carrying my Camelbak hand bottle which is 650ml. However that's not enough for me for 2 hours so I may have to plan a quick stop at a passing shop to top up next time. Hope I don't forget my money like I did this week.

Didn't have time to take many pictures this week, so just a quick snap coming up the stairs from the river at Canary Wharf.

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