Dragging myself back

Well, I'm back. It was a long, cold winter and with spring sprung I just can't not run. What a shame I've lost so much fitness and put on so much weight! I'm up to about 94kg - my first "run" last week was distressingly hard work. Still, you've got to look forwards not backwards. I ran for 80 minutes on the treadmill last night and while it wasn't easy it wasn't disastrous. I'm already shedding a little weight. So I just need to find consistency and hug it like a huggy thing.

I've got no events planned this year, I want to feel ready first. I abandoned a marathon in February after 10 miles - all very depressing. I'm behind on 2 race reports from last year - Race to the Stones and the Mallorca marathon so I'll hopefully post those soon.

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