Folkestone 10k - A family of PBs

This was a bit of a last minute decision to run. My wife had already entered but I wanted to hang on and see how my legs were after the NDW50 last weekend.

I knew that my 10k PB was a bit soft as it was run on a slightly hilly course at the Deal Dinosaur last July, whereas this course is a dead flat out & back along the promenade. On the other hand I knew there were 50 miles in my legs from last week. Although I felt good with no aches or pains, I knew the mileage was in there somewhere.

I got up on the morning and put my running kit on. That was that decided then. On arrival I registered myself and our 2 daughters (4 & 7) as they seemed keen to run the childrens race before the main race.

As it was their first ever organised race, we ran with them. We lined up at the back of 20 or so kids and as the bell rang we were off. Walking. My youngest refused to run. I walked with her and made the mistake of asking why she didn't want to run now. "I hate running because it's stupid" came the reply. Had I been feeling more philosophical this might have been an interesting topic of debate. Instead, through gritted teeth, I tried to coax a bit more speed. Maybe, as it's a race and everything, just possibly you'd be able to run with Daddy? Big frown. Eventually just before the turn around at 500m I suggested perhaps we should just give up. "No daddy, I want a medal." And then we were off. Power walking at first (still with a big frown) then as we got closer to the finish a run, then finally a sprint. Last place, but she got her medal. And so did her bigger sister placing somewhere mid pack.
The best bit as far as they were concerned though was their little goodie bag.

And so, children handed off to their grandparents, it was our turn. Last year I ran this race with my wife as it was her first race and this year she was keen to beat her time. However she preferred to start nearer the back, so we spilt up. As I was here anyway I thought I might as well run as fast as I could so I moved to start in the top third as I knew hopefully that's where I'd finish.

After a short wait the bell rang again and we were off. I just went with the (fast) flow to start with during the first km. I knew I'd have to average around 7:35 min/miles to beat my PB and we'd set off a bit faster than this. A bit further along the promenade I passed the girls and managed a quick high 5. Now it was time to knuckle down and settle in.

It was a lovely sunny day, a little breezy, cool but not cold. The wind was mostly perpendicular to the course, though I could feel a little head wind. No matter, I'd get a tail wind on the way back.

I didn't have any particular strategy other than to keep pushing and try to maintain pace. So that's what I did, or at least tried to do! I don't know why but I didn't even think to look at my watch at the turn around - I've only just realised that now.
It was nice to see the wife heading to the turn point on my way back and give her a quick high 5. The tail wind didn't give me quite the boost I hoped for but I think it stopped me from slowing down too much! I just tried to hold on for dear life. A bit of a sprint at the end sent my HR into unknown territory. It as a definite relief to cross the line as I was pretty sure if I didn't stop I was going to throw up.

Final time 47:22 - a minute off my PB. My wife also took a minute off her PB. And the girls automatically get a PB for their first race, so PBs all round!

My garmin had my average HR at 171 so I'm fairly happy that I ran as hard as I could!

Avg Pace

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