Paris Marathon - 4 days to go

Well time has flown and I can't say I feel 100% ready for this but I am injury free and have managed quite a few long runs. I have been neglecting this blog though so maybe I will find some time over Easter to look back & compare the training leading up to this against Amsterdam.

My reason for posting though is to consider what pace I should run on Sunday. I've knocked up a quick comparison table below which looks at my actual pace last October against 2 other possible target paces. Either would provide a new PB over my October time of 3:56.

Amsterdam Oct13, 3:568:50 pace8:34 pace

Easier said than done though of course. My pace last October was scarily consistent and welded to the 8:50 nail for the first half. However, there was somewhat of what now appears to be my traditional slow down later on (mile splits & report).

So even just maintaing the same pace for the whole race would give me 4 minutes. So is it crazy to even consider setting out at a quicker pace? Would arriving at half way 4 minutes faster at 8:34 pace lose me more or less than 4 minutes in the second half? Do I need to set out at 8:34 pace to achieve an overall 8:50 pace? Or will I blow up and end up much slower?

I'm in the 3:30 pen so if I set off at the back of there I should pick up the 3:45 runners. I think I'm just going to see how I feel on the day and see how my heart rate goes. I'm tempted to go for a slightly faster pace...

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