Absence makes the legs grow fonder

There's a path here somewhere. Right?
Yes it's a fair cop. I haven't posted in a while. And it's true, the miles have not exactly been piling up. More nudging themselves into a small, tidy heap. Yes, December has happened. A constant stream of xmas parties and events coupled with an endless list of errands has held the mileage back. I also find that not running makes me slightly less eager to run so I shall admit to a few 'couldn't be arsed' moments.

Still in December I did manage 13 runs totaling 96 miles. Better than nothing. Somehow I also seem to have run 7 miles on Boxing Day. I'm absolutely positive I've never ever done that before. It must be a sign. Or something. Or a sign of something.

Winter is a time where I have fantasies of epic long runs across the frozen countryside. Major base mileage. However, it always seems that spring arrives before you know it and the mileage dreams melt away with it. So I better get my skates on if I'm going to get some solid miles bagged. Though running shoes might be easier to run in.

I have the Paris marathon coming up at the beginning of April so really should be sorting out a 12 week plan for that. I think that's part of it as well, being sans plan can be a bit rudderless. It's quite nice to have a solid reason to get out there. Though some plans feel relentless at the time, so I guess as ever it's all about balance.

I'll finish with some pics from my runs in Burgundy over xmas.

New running look - Euro trash

Somewhere in France

Nice little local trail in France

Running along the Canal du Midi in the rain

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