Into Wind

The last 2 weeks have certainly been a mixed bag. I've been planning to do an 'over distance' week to kick start a mileage uplift. I was hoping it would be the week before last but I caught a cold. (Thanks kids). Not a terrible cold, but enough to make me feel slightly under the weather. So I took a couple extra rest days resulting in a 28 mile week.

This week has been much better. It was an experiment as much as anything. I already know I can run at lunch time Mon-Weds, do a long run Thursday, rest Friday then run at the weekend without problem. But that doesn't leave much scope for squeezing in extra miles. The proposed solution is the evening treadmill session so this week that's what I've been trying.

That worked out as lunch time Mon-Weds 3 x 6 miles. Evening Mon-Weds 3 x 6 miles. 'Long' run on Thursday evening 12 miles on the treadmill. Friday rest. Saturday 7.5 miles with the wife and Sunday turned out to be.... a rest day. So what might have been 70 miles turned out to be a grand total of 57 miles. Which isn't too bad anyway.

How's it been? Well, I don't feel destroyed. I ache, but not terribly. The treadmill on Tuesday evening was the hardest session for some reason as it just dragged. I was clock watching terribly. Saturdays run took a little while to get into but was an enjoyable run along the Stour valley in the end.

So the treadmill has provided me with an extra 18 miles. The Thursday run on the treadmill was just because I didn't really want to run in the cold & dark for 2 hours but could be swapped for a regular outdoor run.

Now, some people hate the treadmill. I've never used one enough to form an opinion one way or the other having really only used them for short periods in the gym. However, I'm thinking I quite like treadmills. Fortunate really having just spent £900 on one. Not all the time for sure, I enjoy running outside too much. But I think I can like them enough for it not to be a real drag to hook up together. More casual.

In fact, I've watched 2.5 films on netflix whilst on the 'mill this week and generally it has been quite enjoyable. It seems I have a way to increase the mileage when I need to which is good news for training for the races I have planned next year.

The only danger right now is finding a time to use the thing when the wife isn't on it!

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  1. You'll have to get another one, so you have his and hers... Ha ha ha.