The Pain Machine

The treadmill has arrived!
Arriving in a massive single box and weighing 140kg I was very glad of the 2 man crew & their trolley who wheeled it all the way down the garden to the pain cave.

I had originally selected a Horizon T5000 but when the expected delivery date of early November slipped to the end of November it prompted a re-think. I plumped for the Horizon Elite T507 which was £200 cheaper at £999 from Fitness Superstore.

They're fairly similar but the main differences are that I've 'sacrificed' are iPod speakers, 3% of incline (12% vs 15%) and about 3cm of deck length (150cm vs 153cm). All of which seems pretty marginal at this point in time.

After some struggling I managed to divest the base from all the cardboard and somehow slide it into position. (It was very well packaged.) There are about 6 contact points to the ground under which I wedged some of my kids old polystyrene jigsaw mats.

Not forgetting to slide on the plastic covers first, of course, the large (and very sturdy) tubes slot over the anchor points on the base and are secured by a couple of bolts using the supplied allen key. This is when I realised I'd positioned the base too close to the wall too early as I couldn't get the allen key in.
Fortunately the base is on wheels so by lifting up the folding deck, it was fairly easy to roll it back slightly. The right hand leg requires the control panel electrics to be connected prior to slotting in. They're all pre-threaded so just require connecting.

The control panel bolts on next and this is the underside.

I did worry for a moment that the cables would be pinched when the panel was bolted on, however the 2 lugs you can see below seat into the frame creating a gap for the cables.

With the control panel on all that's left is to add the side arms which just slot in and bolt to the bottom.

Side arms on, cables connected, bottom plastic covers in place.

Mmmm, shiny.

It lives!

All in all it was very straightforward to build and I think it would be pretty much impossible to go wrong. I just about managed the build unassisted but only because it had been delivered directly to its' final location. Though once built it would be easy to roll into position across a flat space.

As the manual suggested the belt must have stretched in transit and a little tightening of the belt was required to prevent slipping. This again was straight forward using the supplied allen key.

So what's it like? Well, so far I've done a couple of 2 hour runs and I'm very pleased. I haven't tried any of the programs yet. I'll post again once I've used it a bit more.

The dark horse in all of this is the wife who has been using it in the evenings and is using it much more than me!

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