Last Long Run

Glorious views
Last 'long' run out complete - at only 11 miles it felt a bit like cheating. I was expecting the worst of the weather given the wild, lashing rain of the previous night. But it turned out to be a very pleasant run along the North Downs Way from Canterbury. I've not done this particular route before and I was glad to have my map with me. Whilst the NDW is well sign posted, sometimes you don't always spot the sign posts... There were several occasions where I would have gone wrong had I not checked the map. Makes me wonder how easy it would be to navigate the NDW50 should I enter. Which I might...

But, back to the matter in hand. I had a bit of a radical taper straight after the Folkestone half marathon owing to the fact that I felt unwell. This last week has also been a little light too and of course the final week ahead will be light by design. On the flip side I feel strong, rested and ready.

We're flying out next Saturday morning, will need to register at the expo Saturday then the race is Sunday. We're then staying until Thursday to sample the delights of Amsterdam. The child friendly delights that is. I will probably post a pre-race blog this week with my final pacing thoughts then hopefully the next post will be a victorious race report probably when I'm back in the UK!

A surprising sight

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