Kent Coastal Half Marathon

Hooray, a new PB!

I enjoyed this race. Along the coast from Margate taking in Broadstairs and almost up to Ramsgate then back. It was cool and grey but the sun did appear. There were both half marathon and marathon runners on the same course running at the same time, except we got to stop when we passed the start/finish and they had to loop on towards Margate... So a total of maybe 1000 starters.

Given my melt down Thursday night and the 60 miles in 6 days, I wasn't quite sure how hard to go on this one. All I knew is that I wanted to take that 2011 PB down (1h51 or 8:30m/m) and claim my 3rd PB this year. I've not run this race before but noted it was described as 'undulating'.

So I settled for a pace which felt comfortable aiming for 8:15 average, but certainly not slower than 8:30. I'd bothered to warm up for this one so was pleased when I saw he first mile pass in 8:22. I was well pleased with that and somewhat relieved. There was no real bunching or bottle necks after the start and I'd made sure I chose a suitable starting position not too far back -  feeling the pace manageable gave me a confidence boost, though I knew it was early days!

I had decided that mentally I would split the race into 4 sections of 3 miles then a mile to the finish. I'd worked out that <25 mins for each would leave me on 1h40 plus the time to do the last 1.1 miles. I've never tried this before but thought running it as 2 10ks didn't provide enough sections to monitor pace and make any adjustments. I'd read somewhere of someone else running it as 4 5ks so thought I'd simplify the maths.

Nothing in particular stands out for me about my race for some reason. It all seemed much the same in terms of effort with no 'oh my god, how long do I have to keep going' moments. With the undulations it was hard to just pick one hard pace and hang on to that. Each quarter pretty much went by in about 25 minutes. I was surprised at this as I was hoping to be under 25! On reflection I think my pace was probably quite conservative and I could have pushed harder. Still, easy to say that afterwards!
I pushed fairly hard for the last 2 miles, particularly when I saw 1h40 on my Garmin with just over a mile to go. There was a reasonable headwind now which was a shame and I came through in 1h49. A new PB by 2 minutes, so I'm pleased with that. Pretty sure that's a soft PB though so I look forward to entering another half soon!


Two different races so hard to compare splits. But every mile is quicker except for mile 11 and almost every single mile is faster than the average 2011 PB pace of 8:30. The outlier being mile 8 which was one second slower on average! Interesting that the final sprint was 3 seconds/mile slower. My Garmin recorded 13.2 miles in total.

Going up...

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