Plan update - the peculiar case of the missing miles

Running out of road on a murky 20 miles, Saturday
With 8 weeks left to run, I'm just over half way through the plan for the Amsterdam marathon (20 Oct). So I suppose it would be good to see how well it's going.

I actually thought it was going quiet well. I remain injury free and still on board mentally. Mmm I'll re-phrase that. I have no injuries currently stopping me from training, though you wouldn't think so if you saw me hobble out of bed each morning. And mentally, well, it's normal to curl into a ball and rock slowly back & forth as you contemplate your next VO2 max workout, right?

So, all seemed well then. Until that is I compared the mileage. It seems that I've only hit the plan mileage in 3 of the last 10 weeks. I'm currently cumulatively 100 miles behind - 327 plays 427, 76% of plan. How the fuck did that happen? I've checked it 6 times. There can be no doubt. Damn those cold hard facts.

Excuses? I have them. 40 of the 100 mile deficit occurred in the last 2 weeks while on holiday. So I ran 60 instead of 100. This is not really a great excuse it's just crap organisation.
And, of course, there was the heatwave before the holiday. Again though, runs could have been first thing in the morning...

There's more. Long runs - reflecting on previous marathons these were something I was determined not to skimp on. I've managed 6 out of 10 to date. Though it was good to get 20 miles in yesterday - the plan dictates one 20 miler to date - so I've bagged that. But some of the other 'shorter' long runs in the build up are missing. Plus I should have done 3 long runs at part MP - I've only done one like that. (Which as it turns out I found incredibly hard so more practice definitely required)

How much will this matter? Impossible to say. It is what it is and it wouldn't be sensible to try and catch up so they're gone forever. I just need to knuckle down and make sure I nail everything going forward. The plan needs more respect!

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