With the realisation that the plan could be unravelling due to lack of attention, I was determined this week to stick to the plan like glue.

So Monday I completely ignored the rest day and ran 6 miles. On Tuesday the 12 mile run became another 6 miler. Wednesday I ran 6 instead of 5 and Thursday I aimed for 20 miles and blew up, managing 17.7.
More a sort of pasty paper glue than super glue. Today is a rest day and I shall certainly be sticking to that!

To last nights run then. It's a run I've been looking forward to ever since seeing the route along the river on another fetchies profile (Kevski route). It goes from Gravesend, hugging the river all the way to Greenwich. I hadn't realised you could run along the river so entirely with so few detours inland. It's one way, but Gravesend is quite straight forward to get to from Greenwich on the train. The route is 26.6 miles in length but I though I'd get off early at Greenhithe to make it 20ish.

Out & Back
However, family commitments intervened which meant I couldn't afford the luxury of the time spent on the train. So, it would have to wait. But with my new found river path knowledge I decided to do a 20 mile out and back - extending my knowledge of the Thames path a good 6 miles eastwards.

Once I got past the barrier I was into unknown territory as I dived inland and through an industrial estate. But it was well signposted and I was soon back on the river and passing the car ferry. Further on through the old army barracks - now mostly luxury appartments. It was all very nice anlong the river - shame Woolwich town centre itself is such a dive. I passed all sorts of interesting things - old canons, bunkers, sculptures - it's all there along the river. The river widened and as I passed directly under the flight path of city airport there appeared to be a lot of wasteland to my right. Soon there were more housing estates, then a golf driving range and finally a really stinky, massive sewer works.
Just around here it was 10 miles so time to turn around.

Inverness 1191 miles. Really? Wow.

It was a hot evening, around 24C and I had been keeping my pace brisk but 30 seconds off MP. I had one gel after about an hour and had been drinking water from my bladder. I can see from my garmin data that my HR went up a bit after half way - I think this was because I turned into wind. Hwover, a few miles later I was struggling a bit. By 16-17 miles I was feeling nauseous and had to stop briefly. I decided to cut things short and cut back inland directly home.
I stopped to buy a cold drink from the newsagents and it was the best, coldest thing ever! I don't know what happened but after about 2 litres of coke I was fine. Maybe the heat, maybe the 60 miles in the last 6 days has taken its' toll.

Canary Wharf in the distance

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