Dancing with Waves

I love holiday running. When I look back over the years, the runs that often stand out the most are those taken whilst travelling. They don't even have to be that special to be memorable - I think it's just the change of scenery, the sights, the smells that just fix themselves in memory.

I've just got back from 2 weeks on the coast in Vendee, France and of course I took my trainers. Well, actually make that a whole bag full of various running paraphernalia...

I particularly enjoy beach running. Just on that firmer strip along the surfs edge, across miles of deserted beaches. The Vendee didn't disappoint. Provided you got up early enough as parts of the beach got quite crowded later in the day as I soon found. Requiring a delicate course to be negotiated around damns and sea fortresses built in the sand by small children. Okay, mostly their dads. I soon decided that the forest was a better bet later in the day as it provided shade and solitude. The mornings were the beach - just me, the odd jogger and a few surfers.

In terms of mileage, I ran 37 miles the first week including a long run of 16.5 miles along the beach. The second week though I only managed 20 miles and no long run. In my defence I had to take 2 days off due to a realy stiff neck. Still, with the amount of ice cream being consumed, any mileage was better than none!

Alas, dear beach, it's au revoir until next year.

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