Out Sweating

I can hardly believe that just a month ago I was reluctant to put my winter tights away. And now it's scorchio. Fortunately my plan has not called for any heroics and so far I've been able to run in the midday sun quite comfortably.
In fact, other than the weather I have nothing much of note to report. It is a case of sticking to the plan and grinding out the miles. Last Thursday evening I did the Tower Bridge loop again (13 miles) and will be doing it again this Thursday evening. (Thursdays being by long run day). Though I may have to tack a bit on as the plan says 15 miles! It may have to become the London Bridge loop, which is the next bridge along...

To races. I will almost certainly do the Dinosaur 10k in Deal on the 21st July. This is not really a PB course as it has a long hill in the middle. Saying that, it is my PB course from 2011. So it would be fantastic to beat that time of 51:20. I think I could if it was flat, but I really just don't know what the hill is going to do to my pacing. Here are the splits from 2011:









The hill is between miles 1&3, though at 160ft I'm not really sure you can call it much of a hill. Sure feels like one though. I seem to recall starting out quite conservatively so if I dispense with the poncing about and get stuck right in I would hope to be able to knock at least 8 min miles. In any case, there are less than 2 weeks until we find out!

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