London Bridge Loop

Plan tonight was 15 miles and it was a hot one. So I filled my water bladder to capacity (1.5l) and trotted off to the river, leaving around 18.00.
Due to the heat I was taking it easyand the miles felt very comfortable up to Tower Bridge. The river route was extended up to London Bridge tonight as I know Tower only comes in at 13 miles. I've not done this before and it was quite novel to take in the new scenery. It was really busy between the 2 bridges with people enjoying the evening sun and it took some concentration to weave a path between the crowsds, especially around Hays Galleria. I think I picked up some energy from the happy party buzz though!

I crossed to the North side, then back along the river soon passing the Tower of London. I was
surprised how difficult it was to run on the cobbles here and my mind flashed back to the London Marathon where I think they were covered with felt, offering a little padding.

I was quite hungry now, having only had a very light lunch so I had a gel. This was about 8 miles in but next 4 miles are somewhat of a blur. I remember struggling to work out how many miles were left. And I remember looking at my watch occasionally and seeing the mielage jump and then wondering how I could possible have come that far since I last looked. Strange.

Through Canary Wharf and to the foot tunel. Popping out into Greenwich it was clear my mileage was going to undershoot by about a mile so I steeled myself for the inevitable. I'd have to either run around the block at the end a few times or do a little extra out and back along the river. I thought about not bothering but then I thought about Amsterdam and really it wasn't an option. Fortunately I was thinking clearer now and calculated a half mile out and half mileback along the river would be sufficient. In any case, it gave me a chance to take the picture below. Home at 15.03 miles - perfect! 2h30, average 9'57''.

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