Tower Bridge Loop

The other week I tested in principle whether I could run at lunch and also in the evening physically, mentally & logistically. That was 6 miles at lunch then about 4 in the evening. Tonight I took that a bit further..

It was time for the wonderful Tower Bridge Loop! This is one of my favourite runs but it's been quite some time since I've run it. And a what a beautiful evening for it. Blue sky, warm 20C or so, it seemed like everyone was out and about enjoying the river.

Butlers Wharf
I set off around 7pm and headed West from Greenwich following the south side of the river path. I wanted to take it nice and steady so had to rein myself in a bit to start with. After a couple of miles I started to feel a bit sick which was strange - perhaps a pre run non alcoholic beer wasn't the best idea after all. That passed fairly quickly and I was off. It's fairly straight forward to follow the river but it is a bit fragmented and a fair bit of weaving is required around buildings where the river frontage is not accessible. The periodic view along the river heading West into the setting sun was fantastic. I carried on around through Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe. Tower Bridge came into view with the bridge open - I hope it was closed by the time I got there! On through Bermondsey and across the cobbles and bridges of Shad Thames where I reached the riverside by Butlers Wharf with all the happy drinkers spilling out in the sunshine.

Tower Bridge
Up the steps and across the bridge and my memory flashed back to my marathon debut in 2007 where Tower Bridge is roughly half way. As it was more or less half way tonight. I recall feeling quite good then at this point and so I was tonight. Back down the other side of the bridge, around the hotel, on through St Katherines Dock and down the back streets of Wapping skirting the warehouse conversions. There's not a great deal of river frontage to start with here as it gets too fiddly to dive down alleys to the river then back. After Shadwell Basin though we're back on the river to Canary Wharf, where more happy revelers were enjoying the evening with a drink outside. I was getting tired now and looking forward to getting back into Greenwich. I decided to weave through the Isle of Dogs to pick up Millwall dock. I got a bit disoriented here which is embarrassing as I used to leave nearby. But I soon picked up a landmark and headed for the foot tunnel under the river back to Greenwich. Fortunately it was open but I had remembered my get out jail Oyster card just in case. (And also just in case I wimped out and had to hop ion the DLR home..) I emerged from the tunnel staggering as I'd taken the stairs and picked up my outward track back along the river to home.
Under the river

I got back just after 9pm - 2h12 - 12.84 miles. I felt tired, but not destroyed, though I expect I might ache a bit tomorrow. But that's okay, it's a rest day.

A very pleasant evening. I think I might do this again.

Sun setting from Greenwich

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