The Spreadsheet Lives

A good solid week of running. I didn't get out twice on Thursday as diary commitments didn't allow, but instead I went out in the evening for 8 miles. Probably just as well to back off after last weeks mileage peak. Plus training for Amsterdam starts tomorrow!

Speaking of which, I have transcribed the 18/55 plan from my copy of Advanced Marathoning into a spreadsheet. I've even colour coded it to satisfy my inner geek. Now normally, the plan has Monday as a rest day so the first day of the plan is a bit of a non event. However, as I'm hoping to do my long runs on Thursday evenings rather than Sunday, I have rotated the schedule a few days across. And rather neatly that means Friday is the rest day which is how I roll anyway. I shall probably tweak some of the other days as I go - I may double up Mondays to get in the medium runs or I may just do them all in one go in the evening. Depends on how confident I feel missing a lunch run and being able to get out in the evening. I really don't want to miss a run - running at lunch is a bit of an insurance policy as at least I've banked some miles in the day even if I don't get to run again in the evening.
I'm also very keen to make sure I stick to the more challenging runs which I've prpably been guilty of slacking off before. Namely the Marathon Pace (MP) runs, the Lactate Threshold (LT) runs and the VOr max runs. Basically all the painful stuff. As they say, no pain, no gain...

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