Summer Solstice Run

The plan was simple. Get up before dawn on the longest day of the year and run into the sunrise. Getting up turned out to be quite easy as daughter number 1 was in our bed coughing heavily. So I set out at 4am, padded along the silent streets of Greenwich and headed for the river. It wasn't quite dark, more twilight. In fact I noticed that it didn't really seem to get that dark all night - Strange as I had thought that London was too far south to get 24 hour twilight. Maybe there was a moon somewhere behind the low, muggy clouds. It was quite warm at 15C. I'd say that it was quite warm for this time of day, but the number of times in a year I'd be outside at this time of day can be counted on Homer Simpsons hand. So I crossed the Meridian and headed West - I was going for a Tower Bridge loop.

This first half was really quite quiet. Just a few birds singing and the river approaching low tide. I'd left my Garmin & music at work so I just had my own breath and occasionally stumbling feet to listen to.

Sunrise when it arrived at 4.43am was a total non event. No glorious red sky. No spiritual moment of connection with nature and my inner druid. In fact no sun either - just a low, grey cloudbase diffusing any sunlight into a homogenous greyness.

I celebrated with a gel, crossed Tower Bridge and headed back along the north side of the river. I have to admit I wasn't feeling especially spritely this morning and at times felt like I was plodding a bit. I was glad to get back to Greenwich and into the shower! An enjoyable 13 miles but could have been more memorable if the weather had played ball.

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