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Last Sunday not long after I finished my 10k race, the leading runner who had left Birmingham some 29 hours earlier was just arriving in Little Venice, London as part of the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race. Phew!

The thought of running from Birmingham to London has a special attraction for me as I'm from Birmingham originally and now in live London. I know the start area around Gas Street Basin quite well. Though I might be better to dream about the London to Brighton run to start with which is 'only' 56 miles!
I had been following the race on Twitter and have been looking forward all week to reading the race reports of the runners.

James Elson was the first of 53 runners out of the 88 that made it to London within the 45 hour cut off time. And if that's not impressive enough, super gran Mimi Anderson finished in 36h 49 after having set off the day before to run the route in reverse from London to Birmingham in 31h 50! 290 miles, awesome!

Ultra Avon, Paul Ali has a great report on his blog. Paul ran unsupported this year with a strong finish to come 4th in 32h 47, which is a great result and which he hopes will put him on track for his first Spartathlon later this year.

Sadly, Jerry Smallwood whose blog I very much enjoy reading pulled out at 112 miles with early signs of heat exhaustion. You can read his tales of talking owls and space rockets with a bit of running thrown in on his blog.

Lindley Chambers tells his epic story of grinding it right out to the end in 43h 50 after walking the last 100 miles due to a hip injury. I picked up an interesting tip - tinned pears. He's also on his way to Sparta in September.

James Adams was also running the double with Mimi but had to pull out after 40 miles due to a groin injury. That didn't stop him crewing the race and supporting all the runners though. He's written a very interesting and reflective report.

A fantastically inspiring set of reports that really gets me fired up to get out running!

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