Dulwich 5k

I think I've only ever run one 5k race before and that was probably over 10 years ago. So tonight was just for the hell of it. It was quite busy for a 7.45pm race with a kids mini race before. The rain held off and it was nice & cool.
I cracked off at the start and pretty quickly hit a steady rhythm around 7min/m. I wasn't really sure if I could hold this or not as this was all new. The first mile turned in at 7:15. The second 7:29 and the 3rd 7:43. So the answer was no, I couldn't quite. However looking at my HR it was pinned at around 171 after the first minute and stayed around there until the last km where I pushed a bit (well, as much as I felt I could!). HR went up to around 176 (which say my max is 178 is about 98.8%). So as much as I'd like to have gone faster, I'm not sure I could have pushed much harder. It would be good to start off a little slower next time but hold a constant pace.

Nevertheless, a PB at 23m20! And with a bit more training I have something to aim for next time!

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