A little tired

A final run of 6 miles along the river this evening puts me on 49 miles for the week. This is another first as looking back I've never done that many miles training in one week before. Awesome! (Though I have done over that in terms of weekly mileage if I include the Challenge 50 race last year which is 52.4 miles in itself.) That was more a shock to the system where as this has been a sustained attack. It has taken its toll these last couple of days and I've been feeling a little tired. Much like this old pub near the river in Greenwich.

Still, I am injury free and hungry for miles. Though I don't plan on increasing the weekly mileage for a few weeks.

Yesterdays run along the coast with the wife was fun:

The weather is regressing but I will not go back to tights! The wind was quite simply vicious this morning on the outward leg. I was still a bit stiff and lethargic from Thursday so it was quite a battle. It was so nice to turn around and get a push back. Of course my wife was totally fresh and started edging slightly forward of me. Clearly I had to stamp on this power struggle quickly so with 2 miles to go I gradually upped the pace a little thinking I'd wear her down. What actually happened of course is that I wore myself down with absolutely no noticeable effect on my wife. Still, at least we were now running together.
With half a mile to go my wife said "let's run" and sprinted off! It was all I could do to keep up as we whizzed between walkers out on the sea front. My wife didn't even seem to be trying - I watched her strides and I couldn't really understand how she was going so fast. I glanced at my garmin and fleetingly saw 6:50 pace which I couldn't quite believe either. Fortunately we arrived back at the car just as my HR started to red line.
I'm going to be in serious trouble if she ever starts to run more than once a week!

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