Race booked

Ran 6 miles along the coast at Whitstable this morning with the wife. It's sunny in the photo but that was not long after we got a great big soaking. Fortunately we were fairly well wrapped up as it's not that warm either! The weather went from dead calm to heavy showers with gust fronts whipping the waves over the sea.

And I've entered a race. Collating all my old race results gave me itchy feet. So after a little searching on runners world I entered the Folkestone 10k in 2 weeks time. I emailed the wife this news and she sent me an email with a race entry confirmation. Hers! She's never entered a race before. I mentioned jokingly that we could do it together and seems she went ahead and entered - she was going to surprise me. Well, she has.

I enjoyed winding her up on todays run asking about her pacing and hydration strategy, whether she wanted me to buy her a racing top and if she thought she'd beat me. I shouldn't laugh....

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