New PB!

Okay, not my new PB, my wifes. It was her first ever race so that worked out to plan.

This morning we ran the Folkestone Coastal 10k which is a flat route from the bottom of the cliffs out towards Hythe and back. It was grey, 10C and pretty chilly with a fair wind. The wind seemed fairly perpendicular so I didn't think it would bother us too much. Being the weather wimp that I am, I was wearing my long tights, a long sleeve wind proof top with a shell over the top of that. So I was a good deal more comfortable than those boy racers in their singlets! My wife was similarly wrapped up and wearing the sort of expression that says "Remind me what the f*** I'm doing here again?"

The route takes the concrete coastal path which is a one or two cars width so a little narrow in places. As always it was hard to get into a rhythm at the start with so many people jumbled up together and we did a bit of overtaking to find some space. I was used to this but my wife found the crowding a bit unpleasant. In no time at all though things had spaced out a bit.

I wasn't really sure what pace we should run at. I thought that running flat out from the off and breaking my wife in the first km was probably a bit mean. Tempting. But still mean. I settled for a pace which was maybe 30 secs or so per mile quicker than we'd do our weekend runs together. Well, it was a race after all. It was a difficult balance. On the one hand I wanted her to finish. On the other, I wanted her to suffer. Sorry, I meant achieve her best time possible.

In the end that seemed to be a good pace for her. I could keep a steady pace going just by listening to her rasping and if I wasn't sure, a quick look to see how much the vein on her forehead was throbbing was a good double check.

We settled in to a good steady rhythm and the wind didn't bother us. In fact it got quite warm towards the end. I think the race leader passed us on his way back while we were around 4k. This was amusing for my wife and it's always quite nice to see the leaders shoot past. There was not a lot of conversation between us so we must have been trying. My wife wasn't that keen to pick up the pace in the second half so we just kept going. Within the last 1km though I thought we might as well. It was a race after all. Though I think I nearly over cooked it when my wife complained she was going to be sick.

We lost a few places when we slowed to high five our kids by the finish, but all in all I'm pleased with our time, especially my wifes. It's possible my wife might even want to do it again. I better be careful though as I don't think it would take much extra training on her part to make me suffer next time!


1 08:53.6
2 08:43.2
3 08:41.2
4 08:43.1
5 08:38.6
6 08:33.1
7 01:55.8
Total 54:09

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