Looking back...

Having just collated all my race results, I can see that with 3 PBs at 10k, half and marathon in 2011 something must have been working. Though I would say that any previous PBs prior to this were probably a bit 'soft'. And I think these new PBs are also a bit 'soft' and deserve a good spanking.

Who you calling soft?

The PBs were all run in the first half of 2011. As you can see below, monthly training mileage in the latter half of 2010 and early 2011 was nothing special and was still hit & miss in terms of consistency.
I'm hoping that some nice and consistent monthly mileage will put me in a better position this year. I also don't remember trying that hard - I was just running as best I could, but not trying for a PB. Maybe a slightly different attitude could squeeze some time here, though the flip side is I might just crash and burn.

Another weighty factor

Another factor here is my weight. I have one recorded weighing on 5 Apr 2011 at 86.8kg. This seems surprisingly low - I have a couple more in May & July at 89.2 and 89.8kg respectively which is more believable. I'm currently 92kg so quite a bit of extra lard to carry around. This weight has been falling steadily since earlier this year - by the end of July I'm aiming to be around 90kg.


The wildcard here might be the swimming I was doing in 2010 and 2011 in preparation for the triathlons. Cycling I didn't really get going with until April 2011. I was also doing a session or 2 per week of core work at the gym. Right now I'm just running.


Clearly, I've never even come within panting distance of my real potential - I've just never put in the required effort. The question is, just how much effort am I prepared to put in?

That is the question for the rest of 2013.


  1. More effort required. You are doing the mileage now, but don't forget your core, as you don't want to get an injury. I would suggest at least one speed run a week as well similar to the other week where you averaged 5.22 / km according to daily mile.

    Good effort dude!

    1. Cheers! I haven't done any core since last summer - oops.