Double Take

I'm lucky I can run in my lunch hour. But it is just that - an hour, so that's just over 6 miles for me. Even the first week of the 18 week schedule in my advanced marathoning book has 2 mid week runs over 6 miles. So how to fit them in? Perhaps I shouldn't even be looking at these programmes if I can't fit 8 miles into a lunch hour run!

I could get up early and run at 5.30/6 and just have time to get the kids to school. However I have a long track record of wishing to get up earlier and failing. So, possible but just doesn't seem likely.

I don't live far from work so running to work isn't going to provide much mileage.

I could run in the evenings. Not a bad option but experience tells me that the later in the day a planned workout the more things that can get in the way of said workout. So that's possible but risky.

But what about running at lunch and in the evening? I sense a cunning plan. I could run for an hour at lunch and in the evening and get in whatever mileage I needed. And if I missed the evening, at least I had been out at lunch.

Only one snag. Advanced marathoning poo poos this idea unless your weekly mileage is over 75 miles. Endurance based adaptions blah blah one run better than 2 blah.

Well I tried it anyway.

As it turned out I only had time for a shorter lunch time run of about 4 miles which I did at a reasonably quick pace. (Hey, it's all relative). And this evening I went out around 6pm for an hour. Total 10.5 miles.

I found it quite hard to start with to settle into a rhythm but after a while I found a very relaxed pace, a 'recovery pace' if you will. It was quite a satisfying run. Sometimes my lunch time runs feel squeezed in and are often spent thinking about my email inbox. But tonight was very different with the day receding behind me and thoughts at idle.

I was also very, very hungry having last eaten at 1pm. This was definitely a mistake so I'll be snacking late afternoon next time.

So what's the conclusion here? Well, logistically it seems possible. As I'm also thinking of moving the weekend long run to mid week then this is good news too.
Doubles may not be optimal in terms of training benefits but it's certainly a way to fit things in. It was also quite enjoyable.

I shall have to see how I feel tomorrow though!

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