Vancouver Marathon

After rain since arrival here it was great to arrive at the start in glorious sunshine. It was a slightly earlier start than I'm used to at 8am, but the starting area was nice and relaxed and not too crowded with plenty of space for the 5000 participants. There weren't many runners in fancy dress but there were more fanny packs than I've seen in my life!

Anyway, we were released in groups and soon enough we set off right up a hill. I wouldn't say it was a particularly hilly course but the first 10km did undulate with a fairly sharp incline at about 10km. Then it was downhill towards the coast with the snow capped mountains across the water in the distance. The course was very scenic passing through some very leafy suburbs, then snaking along the coastal path. My Garmin died immediately which was annoying as I had charged it but it must have switched itself on in my bag on the way out here. So I had no HR or pace. I was planning on setting off slower than Rotterdam at say 10m/mile to see if I could keep it together in the latter stages. I was running with a friend and he had time so we were able to monitor our pace roughly. The first half was nice and relaxed at 2:15.

The sun was hot, though the air cool, particularly by the coast. Fatigue did slowly set in though and I struggled for the last 6 miles as usual, but this time I just had an unbelievable urge to stop. I don't know my pace exactly towards the end but I know it must have been slow.

I enjoyed the race, but right now I feel further away than ever from my goals. I really need to knuckle down with my training and stick more consistently to the plan. Starting when I get back to the UK. In the meantime though you'll find me in the bar.

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