Coastal Trail Series - Dorset

Stunning coastal race. I now know what "Category 4 - Severe" means. And I now have a PW (personal worst) for a 'half'. Half being about 14.5 miles taking me 2:57.

It was highly enjoyable though. For the first part it was all anyone could do to keep upright in the mud which the earlier runners (ultra, marathon started before the half) had nicely churned. The first half hugged the cliffs and had some dizzingly steep ascents & descents with fantastic views. I couldn't quite believe how long it took me to get to the half way turn point... The second half was slightly inland and quite exposed making the 8C feel quite chilly in the moderate wind.

This race was a bit of a practice for a coastal marathon I've entered in the same series next February. I placed 204th out of 354 finishers so am quite pleased with that. But I'm now a little worried about the marathon given that this left me pretty exhausted and fairly sore. Still, 10 weeks left to pack in some hills!

Annoyingly my 310XT went off just before the finish and hasn't recorded anything.

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